Hello! I'm Leo, an illustrator based in Breda, The Netherlands. I love working with colour and details and I'm very interested in nature, human psychology, games, food, spirituality, animals and funky socks.
I like to focus on conveying atmospheres through my work, whether that's a serene landscape, a world with strange creatures or a portrait. On the other hand I also love playful art, storytelling and character design.
Ever since I was young, I've had a big imagination. This has become an important part of my work, I try to find it in my everyday life, and show it in my work to offer people a different view of daily life and the world around them. 
I finished high school in 2018, after which I started studying Illustrated & animated storytelling at AKV St. Joost. In 2021 I finished the minor Art of Writing at Hogeschool Utrecht, which gave me another perspective on (visual) storytelling. In 2022 I graduated from AKV | St. Joost, from the course Illustrated and Animated Storytelling.
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